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From our Dinner with Lisa Delpit in June to the student and teacher writing workshops in December, the support of friends like you is what allows New Teachers Roundtable to provide the deeply nourishing and thought-provoking spaces that we do. We hope you can help us keep going.
With Gratitude,
New Teachers’ Roundtable Collective

New Teachers’ Roundtable is a supportive community where educators engage in personal reflection and critical dialogue about racial, cultural, and economic justice in New Orleans public schools and are inspired to take action with their students’ communities to build a more liberatory education system.

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“NTRT has pushed me to explore education reform in New Orleans with a deeply critical, thoughtful and open mind. Through our learning, I understand the ways my own assumptions, stereotypes, and education/class/race background influence my perception of education reform in New Orleans. As a result, I have become a more reflective, quiet, and strong leader in advocating for schools that meet the needs of young people, families and communities in New Orleans.”
— Anonymous feedback from a Roundtable participant