"Had I not discovered the NTRT, I may not have survived my first year teaching and returned for my second.  I found a group of people who are welcoming, passionate, and supportive of my development as an educator and a human being.  Folks at NTRT are asking the tough questions about systemic inequalities in New Orleans.  How are we implicated as educators in the historical and current injustices of the city?  How can we develop pedagogy that is anti-racist, anti-colonialist, and empowers our students and ourselves to make change? How do we sustain ourselves in this difficult work?  I encourage all teachers, new and experienced alike, to check out the NTRT!" 


- Callie Thuma, Teacher,  Arise Academy

"In the complex and turbulent landscape of education in post-Katrina New Orleans, the New Teachers' Roundtable is a vital nexus.  It's a safe space for open and honest contemplation and collaboration.  Most importantly, the organizers work hard to keep it real, by crossing lines of experience, race, age, and origin to bring teachers together.  The enriching connections I've made in this group have been invaluable.  I look forward to my continued growth as a participant in the New Teachers' Roundtable."

- Dave Cash, Teacher, Carver High School

"NTRT was an amazing opportunity to reflect on my own teaching and connect with other educators in a safe and thoughtful space. The innumerous responsibilities of teaching can be overwhelming and it was really nice to be part of a community that allowed you to critically analyze the educational system and your role within it. I was continuously inspired to seek alternative teaching methods and thought patterns after our discussions."

- Karaline Zeigler, Teacher, Gretna Middle School

"Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions about what we need to do to strengthen our nation's schools.  Leave those at home.  Through a Story Circle methodology, the New Teachers' Roundtable allows you to think on an even deeper level:  what are the actual experiences you have had that led you to these conclusions?  

Share your story, listen to those of others, then repeat.  Through this process, the NTRT has expanded my perspective well beyond my classroom, and has proven to be the single most important personal and professional development I have taken on in my last three years as an educator."

- David Orrick, Teacher, Arise Academy


"Sometimes in your first few years as a teacher, you need to know that you are not alone. You feel like you are the only one who is failing; like you are the only one who is not cut out for it; like you should just quit, because it will never get better. At the least, NTRT is a group of teachers -- old and new -- who will listen to you and talk to you and share their story and fundamentally remind you why being a teacher is so important. But more than that, NTRT provides a much-needed forum to discuss deeper issues in education -- the ones that we all wish we had the time to think about and talk about, but we overlook in favor of the more immediately pertinent check charts and theme units. I have left every meeting feeling like the educator I have always wanted to become has grown. NTRT has changed my life. I don't know if I would be a teacher this year without it. Every new teacher should have access to a group so wonderful."

- Sophie Johnson, Teacher, Langston Hughes Academy