“Connecting with a diverse community of life-long educators has given me the strength, resources, and stories to draw upon as I commit to doing this work long-term.”
— Anonymous feedback from a Roundtable participant

In the fall of 2013, New Teachers Roundtable transitioned to a collective leadership model.  For the last year we have made decisions by consensus and shared responsibility for all aspects of the work of New Teachers’ Roundtable. Simultaneously, this process has deepened our personal and collective understandings of the challenges we face and commitments to the work of creating more a liberatory school system with our students and their communities.

NTRT collective members are:

Derek Roguski

Elora Turner

Ereeni Roulakis

Hannah Rich

Hannah Sadtler

Lauren Elliott

Mia Rotondo

Rebecca Radding

Sam Gordon

Sara Quinn

Sophie Johnson


Members commit to: signing on to our mission, beliefs and principles; joining United Teachers of New Orleans, if they are able; regularly attending membership meetings; and paying dues to New Teachers Roundtable on a sliding scale.

Feel free to contact us for more information about becoming a member.



New Teachers’ Roundtable was founded in fall 2010, by three former Teach for America teachers, Derek Roguski, Hannah Sadtler and Eli Roberts, as a place for themselves and other new teachers in the New Orleans area to discuss controversial issues surrounding the recently restructured New Orleans public education system.

Since that time NTRT has regularly held monthly roundtables and many larger semi-annual events. The group has a reputation for being both a healing space and challenging environment for participants who, if they choose to, become a part of a diverse community engaged in critical inquiry.